Three sounds, three volumes

For the Hunter's Moon Score Trail I decided to make a piece that lets the public create their own compositions within parameters I set. 

I really like the democratic nature of text scores - how anyone can perform the scores. The scores we have for the festival vary widely in how precise or vague they are. (More about them all next week.) Some give precise instructions for the performer to follow and some allow the performer to really follow their own lead. This must lead to some huge variations in performances.

I wanted to give the public a chance to make their own score, with sounds they chose, but within a framework I set for them. Participants are asked to take a card and fill it out.

Then they take three stamps (from a set I made specially for this) and assign a sound to each one.
They are to use three different colour stamp pads and assign a different volume to each colour. This is all noted on the card. 

They are asked then to draw a line representing the path their piece will take and stamp along this line to create their own score. They can then perform their piece.

I'll be interested to see how people respond to it next week at the festival. I'll also be interested to see if my stamps have an influence on the sounds people choose. I went with Hunter's Moon-themed stamps -  there is a moon, a star, an animal skull, etc.