Jake to Shawl...the result

The shawl is finally finished! It's hard to believe it actually went from this...

...to this! (Obligatory cat shot.)

I ended up with three shades of grey, and white and black. 

Starting with the black and working 2 rows of each colour I made a frankenshawl of two different patterns. I began by using the lace edging from Annis (Knitty pattern) sans nupps (working yo, k2tog instead) and then changed to a modified version of the Alma Ella Shawl (Ravelry link). But it worked well, and looks more interesting than just the Annis pattern.

 It's a great feeling to have made something so lovely from our own sheep!!

 I would've liked to use more grey - I don't usually wear white - but I wanted to keep this a single-origin-sheep garment.

The next things to be spun will probably end up being from different sheep.

 But for now I'm enjoying this one! Thanks Jake!!!