Raindrop Mobile Kit up on Etsy

 And here's one I made earlier...

No, I haven't spent the last weeks working away on a new kit while sleep-deprived, smelling mostly of baby vomit and occasionally being peed on. I made this kit earlier in the year but now seems a very appropriate time for it - it's been the most rainy summer, absolutely dreadful weather really, the garden looks awful (more to do with the new arrival than the weather to be honest though) and even the house is damp.
 There has however been a plentiful amount of rainbows...all you have to do is wait for the next shower to end and the sun to peep out a little to catch one.
 So here is the Raindrop mobile kit...listed here on Etsy, works very well as a baby mobile, funnily enough...for the sum of sixteen lovely euros.
 Contains all you need to make the mobile with a step-by-step tutorial full of diagrams and photos. And instead of horrid polyfil stuffing for the cloud there is some lovely texel sheep's fleece. Go natural materials!
Suitable for beginners, but not young children as the needles for needle-felting are quite sharp.