Peg Loom Workshop

I have a workshop coming up on the 18th and 19th of June in Cleen Community Hall, Knockvicar, organised by Knockvicar Organic Garden. It runs on both mornings, from 10am-12.30pm and is €45. Participants will make their own tuffet to take home. You also get plans for making a peg loom to take home with you. The details are here.

We will be using peg looms to weave tuffets with raw sheep's wool. A tuffet is a thick cushion/rug type thing - made famous by Bo Peep.

First you sort the fleece.

Then put the warp on your loom as below.
Then you weave away on your pegs.Twisting the fleece to give it strength.

Lifting the pegs out.
Et voila! The finished tuffets. They make lovely rugs or cushions for seats. They are especially good for sitting outdoors on - as sheep's wool is such a good insulator and practically waterproof with the lanolin still in it.
I hope to source some lovely fleece from some local rare-breed sheep. Pictured here is some gorgeous Jacob lambswool.

If you are interested in coming, call Knockvicar Organic Garden to book your place.