Advice Hankies opening

Well, the opening was lovely with a nice crowd.
The Ink Spot is the best place to have an exhibition as everyone got lost in the Aladdin's cave that it is and emerged smiling some time later.
The pieces look great scattered about......and there are even postcards available...
...and now, thanks to the inimitable Felix, new badges too.
Here is the piece I had written about the show...

I asked friends and family to give me some advice. It had to be advice they would follow themselves, or wished they did, something they had learned and thought worth remembering, no matter how important or trivial the subject matter. I was thinking about advice, and how easy it is to give it, but likewise how easy to forget it yourself. As one of the responses I got said - "Write down your advice to yourself somewhere as you discover it" - a reminder of how much we forget our own advice. Sometimes I wish I could carry my own advice around in my pocket - take it out to remind myself. So I took what they gave me and embroidered it onto handkerchiefs. I like the idea of a hanky as a multiple-use portable reminder. Now you can always remember your own advice.