Home and Away

Thought I'd throw up some photos from the last two months, of things close by and things far away...and by far I mean the south-west of Ireland...so not that far. Above is the Hawthorn beginning to bloom in early June. Not exactly the May tree this year.

The beautiful limestone landscape of the burren. I still find it fascinating that we were once the bed of a tropical sea floating around near the equator.Cherries, growing in the garden! Amazing!

The cliffs in Ballybunion. Beautiful place to walk.

Part of a wasp's nest I found in the garden. We also have several of these in our attic. Apparently a great year for wasps and bees so far, what with all the sun...
Check out the honeycomb-ey bit inside, although I guess its not honeycomb...I realise I know nothing about what wasps do, except sting you.The Cliffs of Moher. The tiny little dots on top are people. More fauna in the top field. All this activity in one place. Hard to photograph with the wind - I'm surprised they didn't get travel sick what with all that blowing about.
And the herd of cows that got lost and ended up in the top field, happily munching on the grass and snoozing.