I was fortunate enough to make it to Carrowkeel on the solstice, where the sun sets into the Cairns. (Cairn H pictured above)Above is a view of the sun shining through the roof-box into Cairn G. How incredible to stand in a monument 5000 years or so old, and have the sun come streaming in to illuminate it. (At least when the kids weren't running in and out and blocking the light!)

We were utterly awed.
You can read more about Carrowkeel at Martin Byrne's great website here. The knitted banana, in the back of Cairn G, illuminated by the sun's last rays on the longest day of the year. How much more sacred can it get?

Other midsummer activities included making rose petal jelly.Actually a jam, technically, seeing as I didn't strain it.I feel so lucky to be living in a place with enough rose bushes - and there seem to be more and more springing up everywhere I look at the moment - to make this. Its one of those things I've always dreamed of...having a garden filled with that many roses. And the amazing thing is, I haven't planted a single bush. (Yet!) What abundance in this incredible piece of land. You may also have noticed the cherries - the first delicious cherries I've had straight from a tree in Ireland. The apples and plums are also quietly nursing their little fruits. I used this recipe. Easy, delicious, highly recommended!
Pictured here on my porridge this morning.