Woolly news

It is Wovember and the Wovember site is putting out some excellent stories, facts and photos about sheep and wool every day. I particularly loved this hilarious post about the antics of several tups. Perhaps it is only hilarious to other sheep owners but I think it really describes some of the ridiculousness that comes with owning any animals. And how can you not love an enormous ram called Bollocks? We should start a Bollocks fan club. Except that might go very wrong very fast with the internets being what it is. 

I will have an article in Wovember later in the month - the story of making our yarn and what's been behind that over the last few years.

In other very exciting news there is a new Irish online magazine coming out this month - Olann and. Olann is Irish for wool and it will promote Irish craft, in particular fibre crafts - knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving and dyeing. I will have a regular piece in the magazine - a diary about the trials and tribulations of keeping a small flock of sheep from a knitters perspective. I'm really looking forward to the magazine - it is the first of its kind and I would really love to see this project thrive!