Doubling the flock

Our stock has doubled in number from 5 to 10. (I'm including the sheep and goats together there.) It has been a big learning experience and we have a better picture now of what work is involved in lambing and kidding, which is quite a lot! 

We have tried to learn from this year for subsequent years. In the future it would be great to have better ways of corralling the sheep. We have one very nervous sheep and it would be great to have a run to catch them in so that they can be housed easily without too much handling or stress. We will use pallets to make separate lambing pens in the barn.

The goat on the other hand thinks she is a human, and is totally easy to handle. I'm looking forward to increasing the goat herd and in the future having goats to send to Bothar

For now, we have plenty of new animals and are glad to be out the other side of lambing.