New arrivals!

 Yesterday we heard some bleating in the barn in the afternoon and found Csibi had given birth to her first kid - the white one in the picture above. Sometime later the second, beige-coloured one arrived. Csibi is being a totally amazing first-time mother, licking them and even letting the first one feed while the second one was being born. After trying to suck her hair, legs, the wall, and more, they finally latched on with a little bit of help.

This morning, one of the sheep had a lamb up in the top field. It was standing as The Fabulous K got there and already feeding, but not out too long. Unfortunately, this sheep is our least tame ewe - the rest will eat out of your hand, but there was a bit of kerfuffle getting her into the maternity ward (AKA the stable) as she is so flighty.

The other sheep got penned in during the ruckus.

Two down and two more ewes to go. The first ram they were with seems to have only impregnated one of our ewes, so we are looking at a bit of a gap now until the next two lamb.

 But the stable is filled with tiny new lives! Amazing!!!

Thankfully everything went well and there was no intervention needed from us. We picked these sheep in particular partially for their wool and partially because they are hardy and rarely need help lambing, which was a relief as we are on a learning curve with this, involving plenty of book reading and internet consultation.

Yay for the sheep and the goat! Awesome mothering from them and awesome impregnation from Chuck the Buck and Umber the ram!
Thanks to my sister for the photos!