Jake to Shawl

 I have been spinning bits of Jake.

One of the perks of having such an uncool hobby as spinning is people asking me to come and do spinning demonstrations at vintage fairs and heritage events. So I get paid to sit and spin. Nice. 
As a result I have gotten a fair bit of spinning done. Jake's fleece is spinning up beautifully - I can definitely say it is the best result I have ever gotten from raw fleece. Perhaps the fleeces I have gotten my paws on before have been just poorer quality, or perhaps I am doing a much better job of preparation than I have previously as I just care more about this fleece. Either way I am really pleased with the results. Look how fine that white yarn is!!!! Check out the lack of massive lumps characteristic of my usual spinning!!!!
I originally hoped to make Jake into a jumper, but as his fleece spun so well into such a fine yarn, I think he is going to be a shawl. I whipped up a sample of Annis (from Knitty) last night - and apart from the fact that I HATE knitting nupps, I think it could look nice. (I was experimenting with replacing the nupps with yo, k2tog.)
By blending his dark brown patches with his white fleece I am hoping to get a nice range of greys, though most of the yarn will be white. I never wear white but it seems somehow inconsiderate  to think of dyeing Jake's fleece! Maybe next year!