In other news...

The sheep have finally been en-coated. And yes, we are now officially the laughing stock of Roscommon. It's a good thing we don't have any roadside fields, so the large volume of passing traffic* can't ridicule us as they drive past. 

Here are some before and after shots. (And yes, you spotted it - even more ridiculous, we bring them around on leads and occasionally for walks down the lane.) (And yes, those coats are silver. Thankfully they've got a bit mucky now and don't show up as being silver anymore.
If I'd had more time I was going to decorate the coats with appliqued lightning bolts and other such sheepy type things. Might as well just go for it. It would also be easier to tell them all apart at any rate.)

Ah but sure look at them there in their wee coats. Aren't they just lovely?

We have only had a few minor mishaps since. One of the girls managed to somehow get the rear end of her coat off and was wearing it like an apron, tripping over the front of it until we sorted her out. And then we found the probable cause as Jake headbutted Tinkerbell** in the arse and managed to get his horns caught in the strap of her coat, thus entangling the two of the them together. There was a lot of amusing jumping about until they managed to unhook themselves a minute or two later. 

Anyway, there have been no incidents since then and judging by the amount of crap they have managed to get mashed into the wool around their necks since then, the coats will hopefully be doing a great job of protecting all that lovely wool. Ummm...roll on June and shearing time!

For anyone interested, they are Matilda brand sheep coats, and I got them from these guys in Australia.

* alright then, the three cars that pass daily. 
** Yes her name is Tinkerbell. But you can't blame that one on us.