Roscommon Lamb Festival

 I will be doing a stall, selling my craft kits at the Roscommon Lamb Festival next Sunday 6th May 12pm-5pm in the Wool Craft Village. (Facebook link here.) It was a great event the last two years with us breaking the world record for the most knitters in the one place at the one time and sheep shearing, crafts, nice food, cutest lamb competitions and suchlike.

This year they will be trying to break the world record for the most people hand-shearing sheep at the same time. I'd like to get to see that, but may be doing my stall at that time. You can find more about the festival here.
I will also be doing a peg-loom weaving workshop on the sunday (more info on peg-looms here), where we will be making small rugs from raw sheep's fleece to take home. Its a 45 minute workshop and you can even pay in Roscommon Alternative Money - RAMs... I think its about 10 Euro or 6 RAMs (scroll to the bottom of this page for booking details) and you get to bring home your own woven mat, plus full instructions for how to build a loom and weave on it.

Lets hope today's sunshine stays for the weekend!