Of Ogulla Holy Well and Broken Child of Prague Statues.

We spent a wet day over the weekend exploring some of the local holy wells. This one was my favourite - Ogulla Well named after Oigh Giolla, near Tulsk. (In Roscommon.)
It is an amazing well, with a few statues and a rag tree outside and a large octagonal glass building built for having mass in with a couple of altars where people have left things, like the armless statue above...
...candles and coins...
...and more ratty statues.

There's the building pictured below.
I love the mangled statues, the way they are weathered and damaged. It reminds me of the Child of Prague we had when I was a kid - I think it may have been compulsory by law for every newly married couple to be given one, and also compulsory for it to have its head/hands knocked off subsequently. We even saw an ad for one for sale recently - "Child of Prague, In great condition, 150 euro, no offers, head broken."

So you can see, the head being broken off obviously was compulsory, or they wouldn't have described it as being in great condition.