This is not about christmas....

...although this post appears quite christmasish.... is actually a post about wool.
Wovember - Kate and Felix's great project launched this month has inspired me to go one step further with my craft kits. I have just added these two sewing kits to my etsy shop - a robin and a set of trees. They were previously made with polyfil stuffing, which I was never happy with. One of the things I love most about my kits is that a large percentage of them is actually bio-degradable. So the stuffing was bothering me. After some head-scratching and number crunching I have decided to go for 100% wool stuffing in the kits. Yay!
There it is, in all its woolly grey glory!
I have just written a guest post for Wovember all about why I love wool (out sometime this week) and in reminding myself of why I choose wool and natural materials I found I had to make this change in the kits too.

Its been great to visit Wovember and see how many people there are out there who love wool too, and want to see more of it, want to see items labeled wool to be made of actual wool.

Its definitely been a difficult call for the craft kits. I spend more money on materials to buy what I feel are better materials - 100% wool felt, recycled bubble-wrap and compostable packaging. So its always nice to be inspired by something like Wovember to include even more wool and get rid of the synthetic rubbish just waiting to fill a landfill for the rest of its life.
The robin loves wool too!