Art Trail at Hunter's Moon

Here are the artists whose work was on display at the festival. Click on any photo to embiggen.

Above, Eva Walsh's installation of cast deer jaw-bones. Eva cast some in beeswax, which she painted gold and some in uranium glass. Under UV light, these glowed a bright green, casting an eerie fairy-tale light in the space.
Helen McBride's photographs. Helen took dark double exposure photographs of animals, the moon and other subjects.
An installation from my own selection of puppets and taxidermy. A graveside picnic of tortured souls.

Glyn Smyth of Scrawled Design's gig and band posters.

A spontaneous and mysterious exhibition which appeared in a shop window in the town... We were glad to see the mood of the festival inspired artists to get out there and show their wares!

Tim Kerr's vibrant and amazing paintings were on display in the Dock Coffee Shop. The top photo is rather dark, so I included this shot of one of the prints for sale in the box office too.
I also failed to get a good photo of Karen Constance's strange and surreal, cartoon-like paintings, but here is an example above.
Some pieces by Jane Lives, in pen and ink, print and lace.

Paintings by Elizabeth Archbold. A series of empty landscapes - dark and evocative.
Ciaran Coghlan's very popular bird paintings. A whole flock graced our walls.

The Deer Ladies, by Helen McDonnell, a Belfast-based tattooist, with sound installation by Hornby. Delicate sculptures made of sellotape and tissue paper, and embroidered with bold tattoo-like designs, each with autobiographical significance to Helen.
And finally Kit Fryatt, our wandering plague doctor poet, captivating some meat-related-articles.
We ended the shows on Sunday night with a Day of the Dead Procession, (fancy dress of course!) which visited all the artworks. Artists gave short talks on their work and answered questions, which gave people a lot of insight into the works.

All in all, it was hugely successful, with a lot of visitors over the weekend - both festival-goers and people living in the town. I was also happy to see work sold too. Lets hope we can do it again next year!