The Sketchbook Project

I have finished my book for The Sketchbook Project, a travelling exhibition/library of sketchbooks that will make its way across the states for the next six months.

Participants each got a blank sketchbook to fill in and a theme to use as a starting point. The theme I chose was "In five minutes..." which made me think of all the things that happen in a short period of time that you might not notice happening, and all the things that happen in a much longer period of time.

I completely dismantled the book I was sent, and made a new book, with an illustrated story at the front, and then a fold out section at the back...
...keep on unfolding......and again...
...into a big tree.

Its mostly done with pen and ink and watercolours on watercolour paper.
Some details of the tree and the story are below.

Its been fun making it, and a challenge to get such a large poster into a small book, while keeping the dimensions the same. Another challenge was making it very hard-wearing. I am not used to having to think about lots of people handling my work!