Day Four

The frost was the craziest I've ever seen this morning after the freezing fog, with massive spikes covering everything.
That's not a close-up picture above - those little spikes are about 10-15mm long each.

The world was pure white.
I was ridiculously overjoyed to find the ducks had laid two eggs after going on strike the last while - a source of food! Hurray! I won't starve.
Other things I've learned - don't make porridge in the microwave. (Even if you couldn't be bothered defrosting the gas...)
...beetroot cake is still delicious the second day...
...beetroot soup is also still delicious on the second day (but I'm wondering if day 3 and 4 might find it less appetising)...
...I'm thankful that I kept these measly pots of coriander - they are my only fresh veg now...(except for the stick of celery, but I'm saving that for tomorrow's dinner - curried celery...delightful...and seems an apt meal for budget day tomorrow)...

I'm also wondering did the government manage to arrange this - the biggest distraction from bailouts and the budget they could possibly have imagined...Suspicious.