The Bomb is up

It took a while, but I finally got my bomb pattern up for sale on Ravelry or from here via Paypal. Here it is in all its glory. Just to be clear, that's KNITTED bomb I mean of course...

Its the classic cartoon bomb, two sticks of dynamite, timer......and detonators.Its up for sale for 3.50 Euro, and 10% of the sale price goes to MAG - Mines Advisory Group, whose work includes clearing landmines.

You can buy it here via PayPal.
And here is the link to the pattern page on Ravelry - more info or you can buy it from here.
You can also buy it from my Etsy store here.

Its a fairly easy knit, done mostly in the round, with simple increases and decreases and some I-cord for the detonators. The pattern could easily be converted for making up on two needles. I used some Tivoli double knit yarn, but as gauge isn't important it could be made with any yarn lurking in the large stash any self-respecting knitter has hidden away for emergencies, along with some stuffing.It took a big of figuring out to get a nice flat face on the timer and in the end I used mathematical formulae. But I was left with some practice timers, one of which converted nicely into an oversized comedy watch...yes, it is totally ridiculous, just like the bomb!