Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef

Beaded Coral

I managed to make it in to the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Exhibition in the Science Gallery in Dublin yesterday to be fully immersed in the colourful and playful world of crocheted coral.
It was very beautiful, a lot of fun and a really impressive amount of work. (Although it was not very well labeled unfortunately - this was not a problem for me at least, as I was involved in the project and knew all about it, but sadly disappointing for others as there is so much to engage with that its a pity to miss out on all that is behind it...)
More beaded corals

There was an Irish Reef - contributed by all the Irish crocheters and knitters, general travelling reefs from various contributors around the world, and a toxic reef made from waste plastic.

The Irish Reef

Close-up of one of the other travelling reefs

The toxic reef

Recognise that white plastic coral under the orange bit? (My contribution to the Toxic Reef, yay!)

More Toxic Reef

It was good to take part in it, even if the organisation was a bit patchy and disappointingly some of the coral I'd sent in was not on display... But the whole collection was fantastic. I love the mix of craft, environmentalism and complex mathematics that the reef brings together in a beautiful, fun and rich way. And I got to meet some talented women I've only previously had virtual contact with, so all in all a successful day out.