Crochet Coral Reef

There is still time to crochet up some corals to contribute to the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef coming to the Science Gallery next month.
Its going to be a massive collection of crocheted corals bringing together mathematics, feminism, and environmental issues.
The crochet coral came about as a model of hyperbolic space, and has grown and been exhibited all over the world.
You can make your own corals and send them in to the Science Gallery to add to the Irish Reef until the 7th of March.Toxic coral.

Even better, get out your plastic rubbish, make it into yarn and crochet with that. Toxic coral goes white because of pollutants, so there will be a toxic reef at the show. Click here for instructions on how to make yarn from plastic bags.

You can here a talk by Margaret Wertheim here. I went up last year to hear her talk and she is very inspiring. And here is the website for the Institute of Figuring, where you can find out much more about the project, and patterns.
I can't wait to see the Irish Reef!