The beauty in my garden

Its a gorgeously-frosty-crispy morning here, the sun is falling through the trees and the frost is slowly steaming away in the heat of it.

The cat has left a trail of paw-prints in the ice.

The sun is glancing off the last few yellowed leaves in the apple nursery.

The fallen leaves have a frosty coat defining their empty veins.

And a host of skeleton-daisies are frozen, as if caught in stop motion in a stiff breeze, looking for all the world like musical notes randomly dancing in a blue sky.

A mushroom has popped up, delicate and perfect in the greenhouse.

Frosty droplets are melting in the sun on the gate.

And the sun is creating stripes across the land, long shadows on glistening grass.

Meanwhile, a seed has managed to get itself into a bag of compost, and pokes out, happily growing in its giant home.

The world never ceases to amaze me.