Grupat Show

Well, last week was incredibly busy putting up the Grupat show in Red, the South Dublin Arts Centre in Tallaght.

We were installing work by Violetta Mahon, including the above sonic reliquary - My Zang Tam Tuumb, and below, her dream diary - written in a phonetic alphabet used by the Mormons called Deseret.

And the grotto of Our Most Glazegilded Lady of Happiest Daze.

We also put up work by the Parks Service, called Legends of the Fornar Resistance.

Some of the geekier of you may have seen some of the drawings for the Legend of the Fornar Resistance... Under UV light you can see all the secret instructions written on them. The drawings all hang in the shed and there is a sound work to go with them.

Then myself and the Dowager Marchylove, aka Niall Quinlan, took a stroll up the Hellfire Club to shoot some photos and put down a geocache. The geocache contains 6 limited edition artworks by another Grupat member, Bulletin M. Anyone is free to go and get one from the box. Click on the above link to find out more!

We got shouted at a lot on the way down - HaHaah, yeh fuckin leprechaun!

We ended the week at the 12th Lock in Clondalkin, The Dowager Marchylove wowing the world with his/her fabulous dress sense.

All in all, very successful!