Invasion of the little people...

Yes, another extremely small person has arrived into our lives. This makes the wee man seem like Gulliver in Lilliput by comparison. 

It has only taken me a month to write this post and I am typing from under a sleeping babe right now so I'll be brief. Things will be quiet around here for a while as we all welcome the new lady into the household. It's been a veritable population explosion here this year between the sheep (from 4 to 7), the goats (1 to 3) and humans (3 to 4). The cats are maintaining their numbers thankfully. Oh, and we have a neighbour's horse who has come to stay for a while. So there are plenty of creatures to look after and not much brain-power left in the adults. Dealing with the poo, be it nappies or piles of sheep and horse dung is about as far as our mental capacities can take us at the moment.

In other news, for any of you about Longford on Culture Night, my sister and father and myself along with three others will be showing some work as part of the Engage Longford group show. I'll attempt to document it here after friday. In the meantime, back to dealing with poo.