Small hands have been picking flowers. Every flower available is carefully picked clean of its stem and placed in a bucket for arranging later in a jar. The odd stem remains on which is handy for the flower arrangements.

Larger hands have been making gnome finger puppets and drinking rose tea - one of my favourite things about June is picking a big handful of petals and making rose tea...mmmm...

Life as a parent is this weird split reality where I have plenty of time on my hands while I am with my son, and while I am away from him I am working non-stop to try and get as much done as possible. So while I feel so busy and overwhelmed with all the stuff I am trying to get done while working, there are these really quiet, slow and often boring times where it takes about half an hour to get the post because Every Single Daisy on the driveway needs to be decapitated picked. I still don't quite know how to handle this split, but at the moment I am enjoying the slower times with the wee man.