The Bag

Warning: Extremely nerdy and overenthusiastic post ahead.  About a bag. Yes, thats the kind of excitement my life is filled with folks.

Having some issues with my back has always meant being very choosey about bags. I have made several purpose-designed bags before to take the cushions I carry about with me and always made them very light and as small as I could - easy to carry.

Enter being a parent, and it has become apparent that NO bag is big enough for all the crap you need to carry around to feed/clean/entertain the small person in your life, never mind your own stuff.

In the early days of parentdom we carried roughly 47 bags around with us all the time, including my cushion bag and a massive changing bag, with enough equipment to change a whole daycare centre worth of babies' bums.

(We have since learned the error of our ways and edited the changing bag down to The Small Changing Bag (essentially a small pouch) and The Auxiliary Changing Bag -  The Small Bag being enough for a couple of changes and the other one just living in the car for restocking.)

But I have been dreaming of a one-bag solution. A bag that fits The Small Changing Bag inside it, along with my cushions, a bag of food, hats, suncream, jumpers, etc, etc. A bag so adaptable it could be carried in one hand, or on one shoulder, or on my back. A tall order for a bag.

I have been dreaming of The Bag. Obsessing about The Bag. Researching The Bag. 

It turns out many other people have made their own versions of The Bag. It turns out when I start researching convertible strap bags that many of these people are also parents who carry too many bags/children. I am not alone.

So welcome to The Bag. And thank you to all those people on the Internets who have made their own Bag and blogged about it, because I got a lot of inspiration from you. Mistakes were made, as were prototypes, and it may be further refined, but without further ado, I give you...
(insert drum roll)...

The Bag.

"Is it a messenger bag?" I hear you cry.

"Aha, a messenger bag with handles to make it a tote then?"

"And a backpack? What magic have you worked?"

"With a recessed zip on the top so nothing need ever fall out?"

"AND inside and outside pockets?"

Yes, all of these things my friends, and more...

Behold, the boxed sides and upper and lower tabs with rings to affix the strap onto. (The strap adjusts length to be a short messenger-style strap or a longer one that slides through a tab to become two shoulder straps.)

The top can be flipped over when the bag is less full to create a less enormous bag. Which brings me to size - this bag could contain a small goat-kid. (Okay I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure.) It will certainly carry all I need.

Yes, you may have noticed that I am ridiculously happy with The Bag. I have been boring those around me with details of all the design solutions I have fixed with The Bag. I have been banned from talking about The Bag. I have lain awake in bed at night thinking of how to sew certain elements in The Bag.

And finally, The Bag is here. All hail The Bag.