Lambs and rain

 How cute is this boy? Look at that wool!!! Look at those markings! He was born outside on Sunday morning and got a wee bit cold in the rain and wouldn't feed. After getting a few bottle feeds and lots of care from The Shepherd (AKA The Fabulous K), he recovered well and began to feed from his mammy. He's a very wee fella - excuse the dark shot below for scale.
It's a strange thing to be caring intensely for this little animal in the hopes he makes it - only so you can kill him when he gets big enough and eat him! Perhaps it is best it wasn't me that bottle-fed him! I was really hoping he was a girl as that wool is just gorgeous. We will keep him over a year so that we can at least shear him once.

 The rain has been raining and the wind has been blowing and the tulips have all fallen over with the weight of all those drops.
 The Lady's Mantle is filling with raindrops.

And empty eggshells are falling out of the trees.

We are very much enjoying Spring!