For the love of fixings. (And toddler busy boards.)

I thank my father for giving me a love of fixings and DIY shops. An abiding childhood memory is going to Atlantic DIY store early on a Saturday morning to get something-or-other my Dad needed to make something-else-or-other. Because he was always making something-or-other.

He gave me this sense that it is possible to make anything. That I can make anything. I certainly can't do it to the standards he would do it to, (see the amazing kayak he made below for proof of that) but at least I can do it! My sloppiness in this regard is a bit of a running joke! But every time anything breaks in the house I just ring my Dad so he can tell me how to fix it. (Or sometimes not to bother trying!) It was just normal to me having a father who is that fantastic so I didn't even begin to appreciate just how brilliant he was and what gifts he gave me until I grew up and realised not everyone's Dad was the best tech support for life. I'm lucky.

This love of DIY and skills with using tools is something I really want to pass on to the wee man. He might only be 1, but it's never too early.

So during the week I was making him a fabric "board" on which I sewed a buckle, a large button, a velcro tab, some pockets and a zip as these are the toys he likes!
 (Sorry for the crap phone photos.)

 And while googling for ideas of similar things other people had made their kids, I discovered busy boards. Some inspired people on Etsy have put together boards of fixings for their kids to play with.
So I copied them. (Sorry Etsians!)

We had a Saturday morning trip to the local DIY shop with three generations of my family. (Woohoo, day out in the DIY shop with Grandad!)
We picked up a variety of locks and hinges, door stops, light switches and pulley wheels. (Actually, the wee man picked up a lot more stuff  - "Look, boxes of little metal things everywhere! And it's all at my height!" - but we managed to put most of that back, albeit in the wrong boxes.)

I affixed them all to a large board which is now screwed up on the wall in our house. It was a massive success immediately. I cut a hole in the wood behind the door so we can put different things in there. 
Board in progress.

I want to go to another DIY shop, our local DIY mecca, soon and pick up a load of electrical switches. The boy loves switches. I guess DIY runs in all our blood. Thanks Dad!!