Cider with....well, us.

 This amazing summer has given us so much for such little effort. (Yeah, okay, no effort to be honest.)
So finally, after being here several years we have managed to press our apples - hooray!
 We had some help. Dealing with large tubs full of apples is a very popular toddler activity. So popular we've been finding apples in various locations ever since.
We borrowed a press from our very lovely neighbours. (Thanks guys!)
We first tried with apples we had chopped up - this didn't work, so the blender was brought out. A quick go in the blender reduced the apples to a pulp and once we pressed that we got loads of juice. A gallon in fact. It is in the freezer now, awaiting being made into cider! Yippee!

Beautiful starry apples!
And did I mention it is absolutely gorgeous? An amazing, tangy, full flavour. Its a bit on the brown side from the apples oxidising but it makes up for that with its phenomenal flavour.