It's not every day you find a stag stuck in your hammock.

Which is good, or I wouldn't have any more hammocks.

The fabulous K went to check on his mushroom logs and found this fella who thankfully hadn't been there too long, and also thankfully hadn't broken a leg. Assistance came from our amazing friends and neighbours who happen to be wildlife rangers, and the deer was freed, at the cost of my Dunnes Stores 14.99 hammock in lime green (part of which, as you can see below, is now forming a rather fetching adornment on his antlers.)

On a more serious note, it felt a bit strange to be rescuing this creature when in another situation other people, or even we ourselves in the future might have killed him for food. Deer are a pest around here and are culled. I have very mixed feelings about it. I love seeing them, they are incredibly beautiful creatures, and at the same time, they destroy all the trees we plant - they destroyed about 80 trees the first year we were here. We've had to resort to huge electric fencing to get any trees planted since, which is bonkers, so its both lovely to see them but bad news for our trees. 

Anyway, this lucky boy got away. For now anyhow. Hopefully his antler decorations will soon fall off. Or at the very least impress the lady deer for him.