Sun and quilting

It has been very quiet around here with a lack of life in the land of the blog, which as usual means that life in the real world has been busy. The weather has been amazing, so much so that we've even got a little complacent about it and stopped cherishing every drop of sunshine, which we must get back to doing, before it all goes to crap again like a proper Irish summer.
There has been much sewing going on, and I finished this quilt. (As usual, click on any photo to biggify.) I decided not to do too much piecing with it, as the fabrics were so lovely I didn't want to cut them up too small. So I just featured panels of them.

The internet has been of incredible help - there are so many amazing tutorials on quilting out there, hugely adding to my sewing skills, which are self-taught and fairly agricultural.

This is definitely the best quilt I have ever made, with actual quilting (ooohh! see above)  and binding (ahhh! see below)
For once I made an effort to find out how quilts were actually made and followed instructions, discovering in the process all about free-motion quilting (a good guide can be found here) - something I have been doing for years without knowing there was a name for it, or having had any tips...hooray for learning...

...and how to properly add binding (another good tutorial from the same excellent quilter here)
Check out the amazing binding below. (Thats the edge bit for all you non-quilters.)
 I'm very pleased with this quilt and even more pleased with how expanded my sewing-knowledge became through the making of it. Free information is great. 
 Thanks to all you amazing crafty folk on the internet!