In search of the perfect flame

For two days I have been knitting flames. That's quite a lot of flames. (And one whole day of backwards flames.) A new knitting pattern is coming shortly, involving flames. (How did you guess?) Particularly apt considering the rioting in the UK. So I spent a long time trying to work out a pattern for a short-row garter stitch flame using wrap and turns on both ends at different and non-symmetrical intervals. (Sorry non-knitters, that's the end of the technical part.) And work one out I did.

And then we had a bonfire last night. And I looked at the flames and thought, alas, these flames do not resemble my knitted versions, what has gone askew...? Which was when I realised that flames are brighter and yellower on the inside, and darker and redder on the outside, not the other way around - that is, if you were to try and represent them as two dimensional objects anyway, which I have to say, is bleeding difficult to start off with.

So that led me to a whole other day knitting flames in reverse, until I was happy with a final design (see far right below.)
Sadly, I have only perfected one size, so will spend yet another day tomorrow knitting smaller flames. Considering the almost arsonist-like qualities of certain members of my family you'd think I'd be better at this.