Escape Update

It took until day seven but I finally got out.

High points of being snowed in for a week:

  • Receiving various packages on the days the postman could get in - the package of chocolate was by far the best.
  • Getting loads of stuff done around the house....unsurprisingly!
  • The day I found two duck eggs lurking in the straw. Two!
  • Surprisingly, it was interesting to have only a set amount of ingredients to work with - and to have to be resourceful with these, cooking things I wouldn't have otherwise tried, and living on less - making do with what was there.

Low points:
  • The pine marten coming back into the attic one night.
  • Trying to block up the holes to stop said pine marten getting into the house or into the duck house.
  • The cats puking up worms all over the floor and mm.

Bizarre points:
  • The box of veg my mother posted me, bless her. As she put it, a tuck box. No tuck box should ever contain kale. Ever.