Keeping warm...

Now that the weather's got colder, (with thankfully no major floods down here...) its time for knitting some warming devices.
After quite a lot of learning I have managed to spin enough yarn for a scarf.
Its been a bit of an epic scarf project, as the first yarn I spun was fairly chunky and the next yarn I spun was thinner, and the next one was lace-weight and so on....
(There was therefore a high ratio of quantities of yarn produced to quantities of yarn actually used...)
On meeting with some spinners living in the midlands, I was informed that it is much harder to produce thicker yarn, which made me feel better about my slubby inconsistent attempts!
But here is it anyway. A 2-ply of Blue-faced Leicester (beautiful to spin) with tufts of dyed merino for a bit of colour, spun worsted.
Its hard to photograph the colour.
Concepta jumped in to provide some perspective in the next shot of the finished scarf. You can't really see all the lovely greeny-bluey bits, but they are there. I knit it up in a k2, p2 rib.

I also produced some wraps-per-inch counters out of wooden rulers. Just cut out a section between the lines for one inch, et voila!
And managed to knit a one piece hot water bottle cover using up some nice tough wool from the stash.

Hooray for keeping warm!!

Incidentally, I saw an ad in the Longford Leader a few weeks back for a workshop called "Keeping Warm this Winter."
Only in Ireland.

I doubt it was about knitting scarves and using hot water bottles, but its possible. We imagined a fat red-faced man shouting in a Longford accent "Now, I can't stress the importance of jumpers enough!!!"