and the little old lady kit is complete...

Yes, its a totally amazing Ashford traditional spinning wheel which seems to have dropped into my life effortlessly via a gorgeously smiley lovable swiss grandmother.

And I love it!!!

I learned to spin about 5 years ago from a very friendly and patient spinner at the Green Gathering and took to it like a duck to water. (albeit making the most uneven yarn ever)
I've been hoping since then that a wheel might make its way to me.

I'm relearning all the names for the parts of the wheel and accoutrements - the maidens, the mother-of-all, the footman, the lazy kate -I love the new language that comes with a different craft. I also love spinning. Working outside in the sun and wind this morning with soft Massam wool was like spinning with a cloud. The rhythm of the treadle and the flyer making a host of little gentle sounds as the wool is spun and wound on the bobbin; the feeling of the carded fibre teasing out between your fingers; its a really fantastic thing to do. There is a real intuitive feel to working on a wheel - all the time you are feeling the fibre with your fingers, adjusting the tension, the length of the draft and the twist to make usable yarn.

I made my first ever 2-ply yarn from the massam.

And also some colourful merino and massam 2-ply, along with 3-ply massam.

Hooray for the amazing spinning wheel! Now I just need to age about 40 years to actually become an old lady.


And there are just so many beautiful red things about, I had to photograph them.

Bramble leaf.Unripe blackberries.