some things that made me smile today.

The abundance of nature never ceases to amaze me. The garden has been neglected this year, but has produced many treasures all the same. A tiny bit of work and a lot of sun soil and rain produces so much. (So does having friends who grow far too many plants and pass them on.)
In reverse order, some of the things that made me smile...
Camomile growing in the field down the road. How can the fresh stuff smell so beautifully appley and the dried stuff smell like wee?
Amazing passionflower.

The peat-free compost that feels like rough woodchip. It has surprised me by being great!
And being recycled.

The beans are eight foot tall and still going.

Plenty of tomatoes. (Entirely the work of the most green-thumbed longford-dweller I know)
(I have of course been claiming full responsibility for them though.)

The strawberries gave us two or three kilos of fruit for practically no work this year. (And won the da second place in the longford show for jam.)
Calendula flower getting ready to go.
Fuschia springing up
Yellow montbretia, just coming out.
Self-seeding nasturtiums covering most of the bed.

The other thing that brought me joy today was some of the music my fabulous friend Felix sent me, in particular, this piece which I can't figure out how to put here, but its worth listening to. (I have no idea what the video is, don't even bother watching it, the music on its own says it all)