Battling with addiction

In my quest to make my life feel useful while coping with chronic pain I have become even more obsessed with knitting than I was before. (I know, I didn't think this was possible either.)
It has reached addiction levels at the moment. I seem to wake thinking of knitting and go to sleep thinking of it. In fact, there is a constant undercurrent of knitting-related thought babbling through my mind at most points during the day. I blame this on the mind-blowing quantities of painkiller cocktails I am on. Apart from minor facial paralysis and tremors, they are obviously causing knitting hysteria. This side-effect was not listed on the package. (Unlike death, rashes, and risk of suicide...bizaare I know - this drug may kill you, or cause you to do it yourself and save us the bother...)

Not helping is the fact that I wake in the morning to look at shelves of large quantities of yarn....

...and many knitted objects, mostly useless, scattered about the house...(although the banana and the human heart have been very useful...)

...and the fact that I seem to have set up two knitting groups.

Knitaholics Anonymous being the aptly named Carrick-on-Shannon support group...
(second sunday of the month, 1pm in the cineplex cafe)

...and Longford Knitwits being the not-quite-as-aptly named Longford group.

I have even used my own addiction to try and cure my father's addictions. Since the arrival of the men from sky with their box thingy that has billions of channels on it, the Da has remained glued to the couch like some sort of automaton. Except that he never moves.

I have left knitted messages for him.

And he has left his own messages back.

Alas, we are both resigned to our addictions. In fact happily ensconced in the wide and cosy bosom of them.

My father I fear will slowly go blind and turn to crumbling stone on the sofa.
Myself on the other hand, I will wear out my fingers and end up with frayed arms, babbling in some half knit language, while fidgeting wildly...

knit one, purl twenty seven, knit two, purl a million, knit.....