Things in my head

How amazing is that! That's my brain!
Look at my crazy eyeballs. I just can't get over how incredible technology can be.

Align CenterI also can't get over the difference between public and private health care. The last MRI took an hour and there was no explanation of what was going to happen. They just gave me a pair of earplugs, told me not to move and sent me on in to panic inside a coffin sized space with the noise equivalent of two pneumatic drills hammering away on top of it for an hour. This time it took twelve minutes and I had headphones playing RTE 1. (Not that I could hear it anyway due to the incredibly loud minimalist-hardcore-german-techno-noise happening around me)

What irritates me about public health care is not the lack of plush sofas in the waiting room, but the simple and low-cost changes they could make to make the whole experience better. (An information sheet explaining the process for example...!!!!)

The perks of going private do mean getting a DVD with pictures of your brain on it though!
So much potential for artistic projects. Hurray for my brain!