Yes, today my neck is mangled. Slightly less mangled than yesterday, when I couldn't actually look up, but still mangled. On that theme, I took a little walk through the garden on this frosty misty morning, to witness a few other things that are mangled. Not to mention pork.

The swiss chard. Totally mangled by the severe and persistent frosts we are getting down here. I hope it can be rescued, I need to cover it.

Limpy. Our little chick who had totally mangled legs. Thankfully he recovered. Or she rather. In the background you can see Piper eyeing up another chicken through the gate that she would like to mangle.
On the subject of chickens, (vegetarians avert your gaze), Dinner - that's his name - soon to be mangled in a slightly different form...

Last year's Christmas tree. My mother insisted we take her tree in a pot, which was actually doing well in a city back garden, and proceeded to get totally mangled due to being in a house for two weeks and then suddenly abandoned outdoors in the midlands. Well who wouldn't be mangled in that situation really?

The carnations. I noticed this morning, the cats have been digging up this plant as a nice litter tray, as if the entire rest of the garden, the litter tray in the house, the sink in the utility room, the shopping bags, etc, etc all aren't enough...

This sign, rescued from the N4 where someone had had to drive into it to stop their car from careening uncontrolled out onto the road due to ice. Its scary driving down here, even Rocky slipped on the ice yesterday. Mind you, he slips jumping onto the sofa...

The moss-growing attempt. So far, I have managed to grow mould, by painting yoghurt on the wall. Maybe the moss will come eventually.

Last but not least, the cats. Thankfully, not mangled, unless you consider Rocky's intellect, in which case, totally mangled.