Ode to my saw horse.

Ahh, the beautiful saw horse. I love my saw horse and I love my draw knife. I love the squeak it makes when I use it and the little gnawing sounds of the knife on the wood.
And the fact that it wobbles a lot.

Out on a walk I found a handy piece of wood, perfect for making a rattle for the upcoming birthday of a one year old boy with beautiful brown eyes. So a trip to the saw horse and much dodgy whittling later, and....voila!

It makes a pleasing woody rattle, coming from the seasoned bits of horse chestnut I saved from a tree that grew in our front garden for most of my life.
We moved and sadly the tree was chopped down, but a conker my mother saved grows in this garden.

And I had to share this little fat-stemmed mushroom lurking in the woods.