Garden Tour

It might be cold, but the October sun leaves beautiful treasures in the garden.
First up, a drop of rain on one of the last sweet peas. The sweet peas did amazingly this year and provided a wall of smell that knocked me over at times.

This Kaffir Lily, hiding in an overcrowded flower bed, covered in drops.

Giant daisies, taller than me. Ok, I'm not enormous but they are.

A little oca blossom providing a cosy home for an insect.

Pink rose petals. They even look soft in a photo.

Sun through the clematis leaves.

The ever present calendula. Its name is from the latin for calender as it is here almost all year round.


Another tall one, Black-eyed Susan. Although I don't think its meant to be that tall, there may have been some competition for light this year beneath the seven foot sunflowers.

And some little gouging caterpillar eating my purple sprouting broccoli.

Roll on more sunshine.